.where i've been part 2.


Ok- Where I have been, part 2…

What a few months it has been, as you already know.

During a shaky economy, nothing can be more wonderful than being slammed at work, right? Sure- if you aren’t planning a wedding, writing for four blogs and a magazine. My life in August-October flew by. At my Event Planning job, we were slammed with events, especially in the month of September. I find that on days when you are on your feet, physically and mentally, all day long it leaves you with zero motivation for your own life once you get home.
So you all know that in addition to this blog, I write for Tweet My Wedding (catch me every Monday), Weddzilla and Bridal Buds… I tired to give each new content, but it became too much and I slacked as evidenced by this blog. I still write my column, The Nearlywed Report for Las Vegas Bride and one day…. I just happened to stumble upon the publisher on the right day. A long story short, I am now the Editor-in-Chief of Las Vegas Bride and another fabulous publication, Dine Out Las Vegas.

Whew… so needless to say, I am no longer an event planner, but planning is in my veins and will never go away. Being in the wedding industry does not grant any additional time for my own wedding, as I am trying to put my heart and soul into this publication- for several reasons: my loyalty to the publisher, my loyalty to myself and my desire to spend the rest of my life at the mercy of a keyboard, writing.

If I thought that there was an extreme amount of wedding planning pressure when I was just an event planner, imagine the pressure of being the editor of a bridal mag and throwing a wedding. Can you say yikes with me?

I am so excited to be embarking on this career path, which is now in its fifth week and my first publication is at the printers and I await it with great excitement…mostly to see how many typos were missed, but hey, we all live and lean. I've been blessed with an amazing opportunity and am thankful for it each day.

So there you have it folks, my life has been flipped and turned upside down and right side up all within the five months leading up to the wedding. Maybe all of this change will turn into a wedding novel someday. Hey- if anyone wants to publish it, let me know. I’d be cool with that! (Yes, wouldn’t we all?!?)


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