.with these rings.


The checklist is still overflowing with tons of to-do’s….but one thing that can be checked off:

We ordered them on the 5th and they came in on the 12th. When I say “they”, I mean Mr. Nearlywed’s bands. Yes, he ordered two. One for the ring exchange, the one that is his formal, good band. And one for his recreational time, like snowboarding and hiking.

As I think about the rings, I am also challenged with engraving. Yes, we do have little silly isms that are just “us”, but they change constantly. He did use an ism in my proposal letter so that may be the winner. But readers, what are YOU having engraved into hubby’s band?? Or what did you engrave, if you are willing to share?


Patience said...

I just found your blog and I love it. My fiance and I were just talking the other day about this issue. We both want to engrave something, but not sure yet on what. We have our little names and sayings, but we have yet to narrow it down. I would love to know what other people did.

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