.favors: almost finished.


In late November, my dad sent me photos of him bottling my favors. They are just about complete- the last piece, which is the label, is waiting on me. My only concern now is having enough. Since we compiled our final tally, there have been some adjustments to the guest list; however, I believe that we were always shooting for 200 bottles.

Back to the favors. Ok, so we are giving away homemade wine (which is my dad’s retirement hobby) and there will also be a candy buffet and another little fun thing, which is remaining nameless, for now. The one time I received wine as a favor, I kept it in the bottle as decoration- mostly because I was only 17 when the wedding took place. I want people to enjoy the wine, it is homemade, it has been about 9 months in the making now and it is a labor of love. I want guests to DRINK the wine, ENJOY it. And, if you want, save the bottle as your souvenir because the labels are going to be fabu.

So what I am asking for is some help—I need something catchy to put on the labels. I have wine & love quotes, but I want a cute saying that we can use to let guests know to drink the wine now and save the bottle. It can be about friends, aging fine wine, enjoying now, etc.
Anyone have any ideas? Yes, I am a writer and I am asking for writing help. The irony.


Jaryce21 said...

This is amazing. You have one awesome pops!

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