.one zilla down.


Yes, folks, that is right. I am down a Zilla. Not because I am a Zilla….although I was called one TWICE last week. TWICE! Me?!!? Psh.

It was in early August when I sent out an email to my Zillaz asking them some things about the wedding. Shortly thereafter, I get a BBM from A-Zilla: “Hey- we need to have a phone date soon!” I was one of those things you just know—like when your man is the one and when your wedding dress is perfect for you. I just knew that she was calling to tell me some fabulous news. It couldn’t wait- on my end- until the weekend. I told her that I’d call her right after my meeting. Not that I could concentrate on that meeting, but I tried. Before jumping to too many conclusions, although I texted what I knew it to be…

Giving away no clues, I had to suffer through a meeting while dreaming of the call that awaited me. When I was able to finally call her, I just waited for her to spew it out, “You are going to be an auntie!” YAY!!! One of my Bffs was pregnant!!! And can’t come to the wedding! Yippee…. What is so yippee about that? Well….we are in our 30s, there are never any guarantees when you are eager to start your family.

When I asked A-Zilla to be in my wedding, she had asked if I’d be upset if she was pregnant at my wedding. Maybe if I were under the age of 25 and thought the world truly did revolve around me, I would have been, but after 30 eh….you are just happy to be alive. I didn’t care if she would be preggo! She didn’t expect it to happen so quickly…turns out she is due 3 weeks before the wedding. Whether the baby arrives early or late, she won’t be flying 2,500 miles with a new born, a husband and a bridesmaid dress. I almost wished she found out after we ordered the dresses because I kind of want one for myself now.

Anyway, we don’t know the baby’s gender or a name…. so don’t ask. And I will say this again: Flo and I could not be any happier for our dear friends. We will truly miss them and the fun that they bring to any gathering. I can’t wait to meet baby Zilla one day and be there for his/her wedding too!

So what does this mean for The Nearlyweds wedding? Well, we are four on one side and five on the other. One of the lucky ladies will be escorted by two gents.


Stacy Marie said...

That's our number of bridesmaids too! I'm 23, and even though I'm under 25 I am mind-boggled by the brides who get upset that their bridesmaid's are pregnant. Just seems silly and beside the point.

Coralie said...

Loving your positive attitude - you must be a great friend to have around! Your BF is lucky!

Meghan said...

Congrats to your friend! I had two extra bms so two guys got to talk with two girls each. You've got a great attitude about it and it will all look great. Besides I like uneven bridal parties. I think it adds a little something extra than the traditional even on each side.

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