.where i've been, part 1.


Whew….quite a few months it has been in the world of wedding planning. It feels like I took a nap back in July and woke up to now December. So let me start back with where I feel I’ve left off. I told you that we changed our venue and I updated you with both photos and stories and reasons why.

Then, I’ve almost decided upon flowers. Almost. I just need to pare down a few things to fit within my budget. We decided on a fabu four tiered cake. Invites are approved and the check has been sent. We booked a DJ and an officiate. We solidified a date & location for my bridal shower in Las Vegas. Mr. Nearlywed has almost planned his entire bachelor party while mine….well…. I don’t know where or if mine stands yet. I spoke with someone regarding music for the ceremony and we have a menu tasting next month. We don’t have songs picked out and my do not play list still lives in my head.

I almost have shoes, still need accessories, jewels and undergarments….le sigh.
Today, we are 136 days out from the wedding. Remember my 365 blog?? Over 200 days ago?!?! Yea, me too.

So what do I owe you for blogs? Well I need to blog about my experience with my florist. Show you pics of the cake. Talk about finding out minister. How awesome our DJ will be. That should give me a good start. Are you ready, readers? Stay tuned, I am going to hammer these out and post them ASAP.


Meghan said...

Watch out because the next 136 days are going to fly! When we first got engaged we had over 700 days before the wedding and that felt like yesterday. Now we have been married for 2 months (today!) It's amazing how fast it all goes.

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